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Private detectives can help with problems in marriage, partnership, family, and all cases involving the private sector :

10 Signs Of Infidelity:

  1. Becomes emotionally distant.
  2. Angry, critical and even at times cruel.
  3. Issue of control.
  4. Illness of the one who is faithful.
  5. Paying extra close attention to their appearance.
  6. Inappropriately defensive or Being caught lying.
  7. Extra flirtatious with the opposite sex.
  8. Obsessive need for 'private ness'.
  9. Noticing something different in your sex life.
  10. Not always wearing their wedding ring.

Détective privé au Pérou
Privatdetektiv in Peru
Detective privato in Perù
Частный детектив в Перу
Ιδιωτικός ντετέκτιβ στο Περού
Detetive particular no Peru
Detective privado en Perú




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Private investigation Agency, (Detective in Peru), which has behind it a long professional career, offers a complete and discreet service that covers most of the national territory. We normally operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have a strong team of private detectives trained to work collectively, specialists in the areas of research and monitoring.

Each service we provide is covered by a private investigator with broad experience, necessary to be able to provide accurate and positive results for our clients. Any information provided by you is treated in the strictest confidentiality and discretion.

We include the following research services: general research, surveillance marriage, photographic evidence, missing persons, locating debtors, loss of family or friends, phone records, detection of drugs or alcohol consumption among minors, work absenteeism, employee disloyalty , Solvency Finger, disappearance of goods or documents.

We realize that many people visit our site and advertisements, seeking the need to contact a private detective. If you are uncertain of exactly how to treat his case or if you prefer a single talk, we will be happy to talk with you, discuss your needs by phone or arrange a meeting at our office or at a neutral location, where a researcher Private advise you which is the best way to start the investigation.

Contact a private investigator or a Detective Agency is a new experience for many people and therefore may feel uncomfortable with the results of the events, we therefore always be ready to give advice on what is the best course of action. We consider of utmost importance to keep our customers informed regularly of any change of event and we are always in contact to discuss the measures to take and follow instructions when necessary.

absolute discretion and confidentiality together with total empathy for the individual client


Call by phone Call by phone - (511) 288-9983, (51) 961-940-067, (51) 992-555-547


Private Detective Agency Lima

If you are thinking about hiring a private investigator, you need to make sure that they have the best reputation and extensive experience.

Our research case resolved:

  1. Infidelity.
  2. Pre-Marital Investigation.
  3. Verification of paternity.
  4. Investigation of the distance boyfriends.
  5. Inputs and outputs of Peru, migration.
  6. Locating birth parents.
  7. Life insurance, records, certificates and analysis.
  8. Location of persons and property.
  9. Dual identity.
  10. International scams and fraud.
  11. Parental Kidnapping.


Detectives Peruvian Agency for Research.

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