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1.- Infidelity.

2.- Pre-Marital Investigation.

3.- Post-Marital Investigation.

4.- Verification of paternity.

5.- Investigation of the distance boyfriends.

6.- Inputs and outputs of Peru, migration.

7.- Locating birth parents.

8.- Life insurance, records, certificates and analysis.

9.- Location of persons and property.

10.- Dual identity.

11.- International scams and fraud.

12.- Parental Kidnapping.

13.- Detect Missing People.

14.- Check Credit History.

15.- Personal Investigation.

16.- Insurance fraud, immigration, judicial records, inheritance


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Clients who hire Private Investigation Services, Detective Services or Video Surveillance are proud to know they have entrusted their private investigation services to the premier nationwide private investigation agency. All Detectives are highly trained to investigate cheating spouses, marital infidelity, employee theft, insurance fraud, false claim, spouse cheaters, personal injury claims, auto accident, workers compensation claim, child support and enforcement, custody, children neglect, phone number lookup, anti wiretapping, embezzlement, criminal record search and home bug sweeping service.

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