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Private detectives can help with problems in marriage, partnership, family, and all cases involving the private sector :

10 Signs Of Infidelity:

  1. Becomes emotionally distant.
  2. Angry, critical and even at times cruel.
  3. Issue of control.
  4. Illness of the one who is faithful.
  5. Paying extra close attention to their appearance.
  6. Inappropriately defensive or Being caught lying.
  7. Extra flirtatious with the opposite sex.
  8. Obsessive need for 'private ness'.
  9. Noticing something different in your sex life.
  10. Not always wearing their wedding ring.

Détective privé au Pérou
Privatdetektiv in Peru
Detective privato in Perù
Частный детектив в Перу
Ιδιωτικός ντετέκτιβ στο Περού
Detetive particular no Peru
Detective privado en Perú



Divorce & Alimony Matters - Detective

Our personal detective partners provide a comprehensive range of support services for marital litigation matters, including for divorce settlement, maintenance and custody. Our personal detective partners are thorough, discreet and prompt.

  • Matrimony has legal and financial consequences . Do you really know your spouse? Is your son or daughter making a wise choice? Our PI partners can assist in various ways at the end or beginning of a relationship.
  • Services provide by our private investigator partners range from tracing matrimonial assets and properties to surveillance of cheating spouses to establish evidence for legal court proceedings including in maintenance claims and matrimonial property disputes. We can also refer you to the leading lawyers in Singapore and other jurisdictions if required to ensure that the relevant assets are identified and secured in view of your parental responsibilities.
  • Our private detective partners can assist you in collection of evidence and establishing the following circumstances that supports a claim of irretrievable break down of marriage as a cause for divorce:
  • Adultery
  • Bigamy
  • Polygamy
  • Cohabitation
  • Infidelity and general unfaithful acts
  • Physical violence
  • Mental cruelty
  • Our private investigator partners can assist you in these claims. These claims require evidence of adultery and inability to continue marriage and cohabitation. A ground of unreasonable behavior in separation proceedings requires evidence of certain behavior by the respondent, which makes it impossible for the claimant to continue in matrimony or cohabitation.
  • As part of separation or divorce proceedings, one can also apply for:
  • Maintenance
  • Custody of children
  • Claim for share of matrimonial assets
  • All such proceedings require you to provide adequate evidence to establish your claim in court or with the social service employee.
  • Our private detective partners are experienced in infidelity investigations and marital investigations cases. Through discreet surveillance and undercover operations, our PI partners may assist you in determining if your significant other is a:
  • Cheating spouse
  • Cheating husband
  • Cheating wife
  • Cheating boyfriend or cheating girlfriend
  • Committing adultery
  • Committing matrimonial or marital infidelity.

absolute discretion and confidentiality together with total empathy for the individual client

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Call by phone Call by phone - (51) 961940067, (51) 992555547, (511) 5952653.


Private Detective Agency Lima

If you are thinking about hiring a private investigator, you need to make sure that they have the best reputation and extensive experience.

Our research case resolved:

  1. Infidelity.
  2. Pre-Marital Investigation.
  3. Verification of paternity.
  4. Investigation of the distance boyfriends.
  5. Inputs and outputs of Peru, migration.
  6. Locating birth parents.
  7. Life insurance, records, certificates and analysis.
  8. Location of persons and property.
  9. Dual identity.
  10. International scams and fraud.
  11. Parental Kidnapping.


Detectives Peruvian Agency for Research.

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