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Private detectives can help with problems in marriage, partnership, family, and all cases involving the private sector :

10 Signs Of Infidelity:

  1. Becomes emotionally distant.
  2. Angry, critical and even at times cruel.
  3. Issue of control.
  4. Illness of the one who is faithful.
  5. Paying extra close attention to their appearance.
  6. Inappropriately defensive or Being caught lying.
  7. Extra flirtatious with the opposite sex.
  8. Obsessive need for 'private ness'.
  9. Noticing something different in your sex life.
  10. Not always wearing their wedding ring.

Détective privé au Pérou
Privatdetektiv in Peru
Detective privato in Perù
Частный детектив в Перу
Ιδιωτικός ντετέκτιβ στο Περού
Detetive particular no Peru
Detective privado en Perú




Photos & Video Evidence - Private Detectives in Lima Peru

As a respectable private detective agency our investigators, however, only take action if there is a justified interest in the observation of the target on the part of the client. Thanks to state-of-the-art technical equipment and the use of several teams of detectives our detective agency can guarantee a permanent observation even if the person of interest is constantly on the move and resorts to different means of transportation. In case the client is interested in a long-term observation of a particular person it is advisable to use several teams of detectives. Otherwise the risk of being seen is dramatically increasing. A private investigator of our agency can draw back on a vast pool of personnel and technical equipment. During the observation of a person or an object all case-relevant activities are being recorded in a detailed investigation report by our private investigators. Each and every detective engaged in the observation is immediately reporting any important activities to his head of operations. Your head of operations at our detective agency in KD u will keep you posted on important activities and will fine-tune the next steps of the operation with you. Apart from the investigation report you will also receive photo and video evidence taken during the observation of the person or object of interest. It goes without saying that you can use our investigation report with the relevant evidence (photo/video) for a potential lawsuit in court. In addition, you will also be able to draw back on our detectives engaged in the observation as witnesses in court..

absolute discretion and confidentiality together with total empathy for the individual client

(51) 961940067, (51) 992555547, (511) 414-4730.

Call by phone Call by phone - (51) 961940067, (51) 992555547, (511) 414-4730.


Private Detective Agency Lima

If you are thinking about hiring a private investigator, you need to make sure that they have the best reputation and extensive experience.

Our research case resolved:

  1. Infidelity.
  2. Pre-Marital Investigation.
  3. Verification of paternity.
  4. Investigation of the distance boyfriends.
  5. Inputs and outputs of Peru, migration.
  6. Locating birth parents.
  7. Life insurance, records, certificates and analysis.
  8. Location of persons and property.
  9. Dual identity.
  10. International scams and fraud.
  11. Parental Kidnapping.


Detectives Peruvian Agency for Research.

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